lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011


1_ [perro chocapic]Y entonces, un yeti y un unicornio chocaron en un cruce... 2_ [perro chocapic]¡¡Y BOOM!! Se convirtieron en COCAINA 3_ [guardia civil] ...pero usted sabe que no es un perro ¿verdad? 4_ [yonki (presunto perro chocapic)] Eeerr?

Tira no válida para la revista “EA” para el nº 2 DIC 2010. Siempre le tuve un cariño especial al perro de los Chocapic pero siempre sospeché de sus respuestas tan rebuscadas. También aproveche para hacer pruebas con tramas.

1_ [chocapic dog]Then, a yeti and a unicorn crashed in a junction... 2_ [chocapic dog]AND BOOM!! They turned into COCAINE 3_ [civil guard] ...but, you know that you're not a dog. Don´t you? 4_ [punk (before chocapic dog)] Eeerr?
English Version

Rejected (go figure) cartoon for EA Magazine in its second issue due Dec. 2010. I always had a soft spot for the Chocapic dog, but was suspicious about his outrageous answers. I took the chance to mess around with meshes as well.

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